Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 70 > Out Of The Shadows

Luka is rather myster
ious and unknow
able. Of three cats, she is by far the least interactive. She's not unfriendly but tends to be very nervous and seems to prefer to be by herself more often than not. She does, however, have moments when she will come around, dragging her length against an available pair of legs while meowing and staring up as if she has some urgent point to make. But mostly Luka is a loner. Any sunny morning she can be found sitting quietly in this spot in the middle of the upstairs hall where the light pours onto the floor from the window of the adjacent room. The mix of shadow and light here seem to accurately represent the two sides her personality.

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  1. Does she live upstairs from you? I think maybe I've seen her before...