Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My New Blog For 2010 > Wish You Were Here: Postcards From A Lonely Road

Though it may seem a bit premature with another 142 days of shooting yet to do for this photo project, I had been giving some thought lately to what will follow this blog after it's completion. There is little question in my mind that I will be taking the day off next January 1st but it's occurred to me recently just what a big part of my life shooting has become...almost like an occupation. The daily photo hunt has become so much of a routine that it's now hard for me to imagine going even a few days without venturing out in search of fresh images to share.
I had been considering various new themes for 2010 but after this year's demanding schedule I've decided to take a more relaxed approach to my art...shooting as regularly as possible but at a pace that does not negatively impact my mental health.
On the drive home from shooting one day last weekend a new blog title and concept suddenly came to me that will allow me to carry on exactly as I'd like to.
I was so excited about the idea that I immediately got to work creating the the new blog and the result, along with the first photo post can now be found here: http://wishyouwerehere-tditzgb.blogspot.com/
Obviously my focus will still be on this blog until the end of 2009 but in the event of a day that offers more nice images than needed I may periodically post at the new one.
I hope that everyone who has enjoyed this blog will come along on my next photographic venture into the blogosphere.

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