Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 121 > American Robin: The Next Generation

On yester day's walk I quite unexpect edly came eye to eye with the mother Robin sitting on this nest. The tree holding the nest grows right alongside the trail and as I passed it I just happened to glance to my right to find the bird staring at me not more than a few arms lengths away. I took a few more steps trying not to make it obvious I had seen the bird and then carefully turned with camera ready. I had just composed a nice shot and began to squeeze the shutter release when Mother Robin decided this was not good and off she went leaving me with a nice photo of a nest and the bottom half of the fleeing bird.
This morning I had reason to be back in the vicinity of this trail so I stopped by for a quick walk so I could give it a second try. I found the bird on the nest as expected but once again she was having nothing to do with the human with the big camera pointed at her and off she went...twice.
I was disappointed not to have gotten the shot after having gone to the trouble of returning but then it occurred to me that there was another opportunity to be had. With the bird away I was able to approach the nest but found that it was actually just a bit too high in the tree. It may look like I climbed the tree but no...I shot this blind with the camera held above the nest and somehow I managed to get the perfect image. I'll return to this spot in a while to see about capturing (so to speak) the new hatchlings.

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