Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 254 > Giant Puffball Mushrooms

When I came across these large puffball mushrooms at Baird Creek this morning I decided I needed to add something to the composition to help provide some perspective that would make clear how large these fungi truly are because beyond their size they are rather uninteresting. I considered the items I had with me but nothing seems appropriate. As I stood debating I glanced to my left and to my utter disbelief found the PERFECT prop just begging to be utilized. There sat a baseball, evidently an escapee from a game held in the park above the ravine. I tend to shy away from anything man made in my nature photos but this really felt like it was meant to be.


  1. Love it! : ) The moonlike surface is interesting too

  2. Nice idea to give some perspective. They are wonderfully huge.