Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 271 > Oh, The Things You'll See Down Here

Autumn arrived "in person" this morning with cool temperatures, a sky threatening rain and a gusty forty-five mile per hour wind that blew away any doubt that summer has passed. I took refuge way back in the woods where the trees and deep ravines provided somewhat of a buffer from the gale. As I ventured into a section of the woods I had not visited in quite some time I discovered some interesting views I will revisit on a calm, brighter day for even with the windbreak behind me the trees shook and swayed making sharp photos a bit difficult. As a result I thought it best to find my subject down low today and as luck would have it, I had stumbled into what could only be described as a fungi garden! Throughout a crumbling section of forest in transition from pioneer species such as Paper Birch, grew multitudes of mushrooms or shelf fungi feasting on the decaying limbs and trunks of the fallen trees as well as around the longer lived trees that will carry on.

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