Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 45 > Fresh Snow in Colburn Park

I will remember this morning as one when the hunt for the daily photo turned out to be a pure and absolute joy. I went out early for a walk in one of my favorite city parks. As if on cue, the snow that began falling overnight took on a new intensity as huge flakes began falling adding a fairytale-like quality to this already beautiful urban forest. Like everything else in sight, I quickly became covered in snow and could clearly see the perfect individual snowflakes, each a unique design, as they lit on the black fabric of my jacket.
Other than myself, only a woman and her dog were present to bear witness to this magical scene and for a moment, I almost felt sad for the people who chose to get an extra hour of sleep this morning. However, without the solitude their absence provided, the experience would have been entirely altered so the feeling was soon forgotten.


  1. So much for the spring thaw...

    beautiful photo all the same: )

  2. superbe photo poétique !!! à bientôt