Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 44 > A Winter Refugee

Every Autumn, as the temp eratures begin to fall at night, the house is invaded by more ladybugs than can be scooped up and returned to their proper place outside. So it is an inevitability that, due to the overwhelming numbers in this colorful army of beetles, a few will manage to remain hidden indoors well into the winter. With the recent thaw I've noticed several making themselves at home on the windowsills or taking a stroll on the walls or ceilings. When I spot one I'll usually collect it but being unable to send it on it's way when, on most days, the temperature outdoors is below freezing, it's become my habit to allow the ladybugs to take up residence in one of the many potted plants around the house.

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  1. this one. Didn't realize ladybugs wre orange as well :P