Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 105 > Hawk Was Here

I took a walk this morning in a wooded section of the Bark hausen Waterfowl Preserve.
I saw very little but all around me birds were sounding off. I woodpecker called loudly from the top of a dead tree and I repeatedly heard the strange whooping call of woodcock overhead. Another sound that at first seemed unfamiliar came repeatedly from somewhere back in the woods and after a few minutes I decided it was a hawk. I walked a little farther down the trail but encountered nothing of interest in the still mostly dormant woods and finally decided that to continue on might prove a waste of what little shooting time I had. I turned back thinking I may just as soon run into a subject for the day's photo where I had already passed. Five minutes later I discovered that my invisible hawk had left a gift for me alongside the trail where I had been just ten minutes before.

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