Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 100 > White Pelicans On The Fox River

It would seem that my blog is in danger of going to the birds.
Tomor row I will attempt to take a photo that includes nothing with wings.
White Pelicans had not nested on Green Bay since the 1800's but a couple decades (or so) ago they suddenly returned and have become a very common sight on both the bay and all along the Fox River between The dam in the city of DePere and the mouth of the river at Green Bay. You cannot miss them as flocks of these huge birds, with wingspans that rival the Bald Eagle, soar overhead, their black tipped, white wings reflecting the sun like newly fallen snow and moving in concert with a grace that belies their awkwardness on land.

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  1. And the pelicans' mouthes can hold more than their bellies can... : )