Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 107 > Spring Sucker Run In Baird Creek

One of the benefits (or curses) of the need to capture a new image on a daily basis is that it requires me to be somewhere every single day. Obviously the "somewhere" that most interests me at the moment is out in nature. And because I'm so regularly visiting the places in my area with the greatest potential for running across interesting wild things, I am discovering things that I've never before seen, though I have spent plenty of time in these places over the years.
Today, for the very first time I came across White Suckers moving up Baird Creek to spawn. It's very surprising me that I've not seen this before because now is usually the time when spring wildflowers are plentiful in the forest around Baird Creek (things are delayed by weeks this year due to the colder spring weather we've had) and where there are wildflowers, I and my Nikon can usually be found as well.
On a technical note, this photo would not have been possible without a polarized filter attached to my 300mm lens to remove most of the glare from the water's surface. Luckily, a few weeks ago, I planned ahead and stuck this filter and adapter ring into my photo pack "just in case".

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  1. Awesome shot - vividly real, yet simultaneously abstract.