Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 156 > Curious Whitetail Deer

As I was trying a few exploratory shots of Red-winged Blackbirds this morning something (me?) spooked this doe from her resting spot on the other side of this grassy field at Fonferek Glen County Park. As soon as I saw her, I dropped very low and stayed still with camera ready in hopes she'd stop and give me a chance to get a shot. As it turned out, she did me one better...
The deer had obviously spotted me as it bounded away in the opposite direction but as soon as I disappeared from her sight, she became curious and seemed to need to investigate my whereabouts. As I remained still, she went behind and then reappeared over the hill ahead of me then began walking back in my direction, stopping periodically, surveying the scene and then advancing again. She was staring at me but seemed unsure of what I was crouched there in the grass. After a few minutes the doe finally wandered off, presumably deciding I did not pose a threat.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful! I love the composition and how the huge expanse of sky is like a nearly blank portion of canvas that makes the deer perhaps more pronounced than a close up might. And the orientation of the grasses -- such a lovely effect!