Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 176 > Blue Flag Iris

To the delight of the mosquitoes, I returned once more to the Baird Creek lowlands determined that today would be the day I featured the wild Blue Flag Iris. I had scouted out today's subject in advance after capturing yesterday's Water Strider image so that my time spent would be minimal and would not impact the out-of-town plans I had for later in the day.
Yesterday, while hiking into the area where the iris grow, I disturbed a Wild Turkey that had evidently chosen to bed down in the thick vegetation. I had hoped to see it again today but no luck.
Today, after capturing a satisfactory image of the iris, I followed a set of deer tracks along the little stream that led back to the trail I had come in on and I wondered where the deer had gone to. As I emerged from the forest a few minutes later my question was answered...she was standing in the tall grass on the edge of the trees looking at me. Just as I became aware of her, she was gone. Maybe on a another day she will let me have a moment longer to get the camera ready but for now here's the Blue Flag.

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