Tuesday, January 6, 2009

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Old Christ Church in downtown Green Bay.
According to the inscription in the stone near the front doors, this congregation began in 1829 but the church itself (as best as I can determine from the badly weathered words) was built in 1899. A plaque above the inscription identifies the church as a historic site recognized by the State of Wisconsin.

It will become clear as this project progresses just how attracted I am to very old stone buildings, gravestones, etc. Things with history behind them have always intrigued me. When I am in the downtown area I can hardly keep my eyes off this place, not only because of it's amazing architecture but especially for the way it stands out in such stark contrast against the backdrop of modern building that surround it. I've chosen to highlight only this small section of the church because as striking as it is as a whole, I felt that if the photo were to include all the modern clutter that would be visible in a wider view, it would take something away from the image's ability to transport the viewer back in time.

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