Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 20 > A Historic Day

Free at last, free at last!!
The dark age of the Bush occupation has finally come to an end!

The owner of this building has had a running countdown to today's presidential inauguration in the first floor shop window for the past month. I'd kept an eye on the display during that time but ultimately I decided to save this shot to commemorate today's historic event.
One sad note on this otherwise joyous day; as I took this photo, a motorist driving through the nearby intersection shouted a racist remark that served as an ugly reminder that, as much as the inauguration of the first African American president signifies a major change in this country, some things will remain the same.


  1. Everyone is drunk with hope but I'm afraid that nothing will change.

    I love Green Bay! I spent an entire summer living in Sturgeon Bay, so spent a good deal of time in GB too.

    Dress warm!

  2. I love this photo Tim! Really time appropriate, but also I love the way the snow reflects in the window and the door you can see on the other side etc. AND, the person above me lived in SB for a summer :) Yay!