Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 24 > Terraced Ice

What an amazing sight today! Terraced ice formations have developed along the Lake Michigan shore at Neshota Beach in Two Rivers. (Please be sure to click on the image to view larger) Moving over it was a bit treacherous making staying on hands and knees the safest way to get into various shooting positions or to approach anywhere near the shore's edge. In summer, this beautiful sandy beach slopes gently into the lake but winter has now transformed the edge into a 6 ft ice cliff a person would not want to slip over! Today's temperature near zero and a very strong wind made this shoot quite challenging but despite the severe discomfort in the extremities and a numb face, I am happy to have once again captured images I may never have had the opportunity even to see if it were not for this project.
Other shots from today:


  1. I love this one - and the other ones you have on your flicker page. Worth the treacherousness!! Really really cool. Winter is affording you some great photo opportunities so far - or at least you're finding them!

  2. I find this one absolutely TERRIFYING.