Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 28 > A Walk On The Frozen Bay

My original destin ation when I headed out yester day morning for my daily photo hunt was Red Banks County Park on Green Bay's west shore. This morning I made it a point to go directly there without getting sidetracked (and I almost did it, too) so I could take advantage of the morning light which I hoped would provide a little contrast and color to the snow covered surface of the frozen the bay.
I arrived by 9am and after exploring the possibilities along the shore's edge and getting a few shots, I set out across the ice toward a little village of ice fishing shanties a quarter mile or so offshore.

Today was almost certainly the first time I've ventured out onto the bay ice since the days of ice fishing with Dad so many years ago.
It was another very cold morning but not as brutal as it has been the past few days so the walk turned out to be quite enjoyable. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to be in that blindingly bright and wide open environment with the blue sky stretching to the horizons.

This little adventure qualifies as yet another experience I would likely not have had were it not for this photo project.

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