Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 205 > Tiny Garden Invader

I loaded my camera gear into the car early this morning prepared to head out on the daily shoot. But before leaving I decided to take a walk to the back yard to check out the progress in the veggie garden. As I approached the garden fence something stirred, rustling the leaves below, as it headed for the far corner. I walked around the perimieter several times with this mysterious creature staying ahead of me, just out of view beneath the plants. Finally after my fifth time around, I spotted the tiniest young rabbit...tiny enough to have somehow slipped through or under the fence! I went back for the camera and after a few more minutes of pursuit managed to catch it resting, not surprisingly, next to the row of lettuce.


  1. Cute cute cute!!! - but don't eat Tim's lettuce : )

  2. The price of a good photo seems to be losing some home grown lettuce.

  3. My daughter's beagle found two rabs in a nest in our yard. She ate them both...