Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 281 > America...The Beautiful?

Since the very beginning of this project I've had the idea for a photo of the day that would address an environmental issue. Today I was inspired..or perhaps infuriated finally go with it. This site, a badly neglected public access point to the Fox River, exists not far from the middle of downtown Green Bay where over the past few years, millions of dollars have been spent on a riverfront boardwalk and other improvements designed to draw people to the river and the newly "revitalized" downtown district.
Meanwhile, away from the shiny, renewed city center, there is this disgraceful mess. Trash and debris of every description litters the shore. But there is something far worse that isn't evident in a photograph...contamination from oil storage tanks just across the street. The stink of oil here is overpowering. A drainage pipe leads from the property of US OIL carrying with it residuals that end up going directly into the river just a few hundred yards from it's mouth and the bay beyond.
I suspect the Environmental Protection Agency will enjoy this photo of the day...


  1. Great shot Tim - it's sad of course that you came across this image to take a photo of, but you did a great job capturing it! It's especially powerful to contrast with all the nature photos that you have so far. Very nice: )

  2. Sometimes ugliness has its own beauty. In any event, the photo is really well composed