Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 309 > Lonely Station

At first glance this photo felt too much like a postcard but there was something about this place this morning - the sky maybe- that caused me to take note of the emptiness surrounding the old train station and liked it. It's almost unbelievable now to think that this was once the hub for travel in and out of the city. Passenger rail service between Green Bay and Chicago ended decades ago and despite higher gas prices and some talk of re-establishing a new high speed passenger rail system in Wisconsin, it still seems like a pipe dream that I could ever experience what once was the only way to go.


  1. It wouldn't look so lonely if you didn't cut out the awesome giant GB Packer in front of it...just sayin' : )

  2. PS - you are right - it is a nice shot and you have some good cloud action! : )

  3. Haha I knew you'd miss him! Well, if they'll consider dressing the statue in a uniform appropriate for the heyday of the train station, I'll consider a reshoot. :P