Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 334 > Devil's River Lower Falls

If asked to chose one place, one new discovery with which I've become completely enthralled during the course of my yearlong daily photo expeditions I would not hesitate's the Devil's River Gorge, no question. I love this place. And as one of the most beautiful river ways I've seen in my time spent traveling around the state (and the midwest for that matter) I am stunned that it has not become a much more visited attraction. Yet none of the people to whom I have mentioned it had ever heard of it (admittedly they are few..this is MY place!). Maybe it's best to keep it that way. It's nice to go there and almost always have the place to myself.
Today's scene was captured a bit farther down river from the main falls. I had been so enamored with that part of the river that I had failed to notice the beauty of the lower part of the gorge. But on my recent shoot I did notice the possibilities there and so today brought boots and waded into the river, around a rocky outcropping and came upon this amazing view.
I hope now to avoid shooting this river until the first snowfall...wish me luck!

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