Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 365 > One Year Later...

My friends, here you have it...the 365th photo on this 365th day of 2009.
I'd spent the last couple of weeks contemplating how I'd end this project but only in the last day or two it has become clear to me that there was really nothing I could do that wouldn't seem anti-climactic. In a year filled with photos, just one more pretty picture hardly seemed like the answer.
So instead you get this self-portait of your humble photographer. Still, it's only fitting that I took this final shot in one of the places that has offered me so much over the past year. Fonferek Glen was one of my greatest local discoveries of 2009 and it has proven to be a worthwhile subject in all seasons.
For me, this photo documents myself at the end of one of the most ambitious undertakings I have ever or likely will ever attempt in my lifetime. I present it with a mix of emotions...a bit of sadness, certainly relief, a few regrets, and of course great pride in my accomplishment. But most of all I feel thankfulness that my life is such that I was able to make this journey. It has shown me so many amazing things, tested my resolve, at times pushing me beyond my limits, and has certainly made me an all-around better photographer than I was 365 days ago.
At this writing 80 people around the world have felt this project worthwhile enough that they chose to follow my progress and to all of you, both my personal friends and those I may never know, I say thank you. I have read every comment and word of encouragement posted to this blog and they have made all the difference. Without your support I am not sure I would have reached this day for without others to appreciate the things I see, this endeavor would have seemed rather pointless.
So this is it. The end. I look forward to waking up tomorrow without having to think about photos or new subject matter, or weather predictions or travel conditions or time constraints..tomorrow I have the day off! :)
But I will not forget one of the most important lessons this project has taught me...and that is that the world is full of amazing things and it's only those who are willing to make an extrordinary effort to be there who will have the pleasure of seeing it with their own two eyes.

Thank you all again!
I hope you'll join me at my new blog Wish You Where Here.

I'll see you again somewhere down the road...



  1. Loved the concept, loved the blog!

  2. The perfect final photo. Congratulations on completing your project and thank you for all the great photos. I really enjoyed following along. I look forward to continuing with your Wish You Were Here blog.

  3. Way to go. Perfect ending. I wish I had found your blog much earlier, but the photos are all there and I have enjoyed many of them. If you are ever headed to Utah I would love to take you to lunch and talk photography. Your photos are beautiful. I will be following your new blog too.

  4. I just discovered your blog a few days ago. I've done the math on this project and I'm super impressed with your determination, drive and follow through. More than all that, this isn't just 365 pictures, its 365 photographs and you could be proud of any one of them. Great accomplishment and best of luck on your future ambitions.

  5. You left some great images. Best of luck with your next project, whatever it may be.

  6. Okay, now is the time to develop photographically in a new direction. Panoramas? Large format images from a small format camera?

    Have you entered the Wisconsin Trails photo contest yet?