Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 356 > Winter Storm Over Lake Michigan

I drove up the penin sula today, and encoun tered first, pockets of heavy fog and then, further north, dark skies and intense snow showers. But as I approached my destination, the town of Bailey's Harbor, The sky suddenly cleared ahead of me. I had temporarily left the dark snow clouds behind me but as I arrived at Cana Island to begin my photo hunt, the clouds arrived too.
I crossed the dike and cut across the island past the lighthouse and came out on the backside facing Lake Michigan where I was immediately hit by the bone-chilling wind. Before me, ice chunks piled by the waves crowded the shore and beyond the ice, big waves generated by the wind churned the water. Yet further out to sea, the storm I had driven through half an hour before was now sweeping across the horizon back lit by open sky. It all lasted just five minutes before the whole scene changed.
And yes, it WAS as cold as it looks! As amazing as the view was, it felt great to get back to the warm car and get some feeling back in my face and hands.

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  1. Sorry you had to freeze to get this shot - but this project makes you just that crazy : ) And it's been working for you! Another awesome winter shot - I imagine this is something like what my dad's front yard (or is it the back yard? ) looks like right about now! : )