Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 342 > Falling Water, Falling Temperatures

Our first major snowstorm of this winter began to move into the area as I ventured out this morning, quickly reminding me that shooting under heavy snow can be only slightly less difficult than in rain. The road conditions had already begun to deteriorate by 9am so I decided to play it safe and stick close to home and since I had not visited Baird Creek in a while, I headed over to check to see if the creek still flowed or if it had entirely frozen over by now. I found that much of the creek has indeed frozen but as with Devil's River yesterday, the little falls have still managed to keep moving...although they are rapidly losing that battle. Extreme cold following the storm will almost certainly bring the creek to a complete standstill.


  1. Ooooh! Painting-esque! Love it! -as you knew I would :)

  2. VERY VERY NICE! I'm off this Friday and looking forward to getting out and getting some daylight ice and snow shots. I hope I can get one as good as this. I've been visualizing some I'm hoping for for several weeks now.