Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 362 > Snowburst

I raced to the east shore of the bay this morning to try to catch a snow shower I'd noticed moving across the horizon just after sunrise this morning. I arrived in time to grab several shots before the scene changed and the shower began to dissipate and was quite happy with the resulting images. Then, just as I was retreating from the shore and the icy north wind that had been blowing in my face, I noticed the sunlight begin to creep across the iced over bay... first as a thin band of light along the west shore, then growing wider and wider. Suddenly, the still rising sun fully burst through low scattered clouds and cast long shadows over bay from the trees directly behind me. I had just set up the camera again when this happened. The effect through the lens was stunning.


  1. un paisaje asi impresiona., un saludo, feliz año

  2. Very ice age end of the world type of thing. Makes you feel alone in the world. I bet you were the only one out there....Lovely range of blues