Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 360 > Wild Winter Waves / Lake Michigan

Oceans-sized waves. Just one of the reasons the Great Lakes feel more like an inland sea than mere lakes.
I awoke feeling discouraged and uninspired this morning despite the fact that I had just six days left to complete this project. With no new ideas for a subject and after wasting an hour or two trying in vain to come up with something, I finally grabbed my coat and gear and headed off, having decided to let fate guide me. An hour or so later I found myself once again on the shore of Lake Michigan at Cave Point. If fate was indeed what led me there, then perhaps I should put more faith in it in the future. Cave Point had not been among the places I had even considered before setting out but this visit turned out to be yet another of those amazing "right place, right time" moments.
I arrived there to find the lake a churning cauldron of massive storm spawned waves. My last visit to the Point had offered some impressive surf but this...this was like nothing I've seen since I last stood on the edge of an ocean. Unquestionably, these were the largest waves I've ever seen on Lake Michigan. These were scary big!
The waves crashed into the cliff and submerged cave below with such forced I could actually feel the ground shake beneath me and in places the water was flung 25 feet into the air, showering the shoreline trees and one unlucky photographer (namely ME) with the spray.
Just as I began shooting this morning, another visitor reconfirmed for me just how impressive the show the lake was putting on really was when she glanced my way, gestured toward the wild waves and commented " This is the most wonderful day I have ever seen in my life". I definitely know how she felt at that moment...


  1. Another great winter shot! Winter's been kind to you so far! : ) I love the icicles on the trees and along the edge of the rock ledge!! I bet the waves were making really good echoey sounds down the trail aways where they crash right under you! : )

  2. I totally agree, the icicles look deadly...literally!