Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 343 > A Beacon In The Storm

The first signi ficant snowfall of the winter arrived over night in the form of a furious blizzard. I'm snowed in this morning, roads are impassable, so its a very good thing I chose to venture out into the storm after midnight as Mother Nature was just beginning to get herself whipped into a frenzy. I had my shooting location in mind, saving me from the hunt but once there, 30 mile per hour wind gusts and wet snow made shooting a nightmare and I very nearly gave up before I ever got started. I finally managed to find an angle I liked and developed a wipe and shoot and wipe and shoot and wipe and shoot method for keeping the lens clear while using my body as a shield and somehow got the shot I was looking for. What a night...I am now officially a crazy person.

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